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Big American invention sky plane jet aero take you far away from you village of xao-qing Wats the best chinee food in all of ancient China land of prosperous democracy under grand chairman Mao great leader of capitalism Look at building Shanghai, That building size of big American horse peenus that fuck many communist pig American dog in stupid ass McDonald's You eat a delicious Kentucky fry bird like it from your anus yum yum you say give more Good meal for you is a dumpling have vegetable and yo yo ma best chello for you you eat up dumpling listen yo yo ma say "Oh me so happy for chairman Mao no American scum" and your dong peenus stand on end bigger than Taipei 101 taiwan is actually China yes no republic Like a grand star war movie you American pig watch all day eat burger and corn, China have rice make a fry rice best food for you nutrition makes happy we see panda eat a bamboo best for panda too much mountains in China more in American United state and America hahahahah u are legal to fuk men In united state and America you say to men "pleas put in your tiny America dong in my anus we have good party" that what u do in America bar and laugh HARNAR China best friend Russia Ukraine belong Russia Crimea best peninsula like Taiwan best China Tibet best China lower Mongolia best China China have factory make computer for American United state look at internet China need no internet we block inter net no looking at men ass u would American dog u like that "yum mmmm" you say China no have that China have a Pizza Hut best thing from Italy, italy part of axis support nazi but now they support a United state, fuk the Italy communism is the way death to nazi, Italy want kill communism they have fascism kill communism, now they want capitalism join euro, Chinee way make best economy 1000$ to one yuan hahahahah American United state u have niggres China have no niggres best movie is karate kid niggre get killed by strong Chinese, we look at him say hahahahah u dead American boy go fuck boys u like it put Eiffel Tower up anus FUCK NATO STUPOD SCUM SHIT FUCK THEIR ASS THEY SAY WE HAVE POOR HUMAN RIGHT WE SAY HAHA U DONT HAVE HUMAN RIGHTS... China strong we say ...WE SAY IN CHINA SAYING DEATH TO AMERICAN, DEATH TO NIGGRE, DEATH TO NATO KILL AMERICAN SKOOL FIND BETTER SOURCE OF FOOD FOr unIITED STATE MOR FRY RICE LESS BURGER BABAHAHAHH AMERICA GAME BATTLE FIELd 4 KILL CHINESE IN GAME WHY U DO THAT THING WE SORRY SO WRONG WE DID? NO WROGN JUST CHINA PEACE USE ELECTION FOR TAIWAN TIBET LOWER MONGOLIA PEACE IS CHINA WAY RULE Find Crimea annex. for Russioa find us good source of food Chinese best food you eat hamburger get fatness die Chinese have no fatness just skin health look at jet li we love a jet le he is my dad he say "you must eat a health food delicious century egg" egg black with health juice mmm I say taste bad but so health

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