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Start drawing digitally (semi beginner?)

Start drawing digitally (semi beginner?)

Dear redditors,

I am new to this subreddit and should start with introduce myself first before asking for advice. I am a 22 years old student who just finished his Bachelor and started with his Master. I got a Surface Pro 3 as present from my Parents for doing so.

I have been drawing when I was younger (approx. 15 - 17 yo). This was no where near proffesionell and more like a hobby doing what I wanted to or if I got pretty bored (anime figures, some ojects, sometimes even buildings). I also learned art basics for one year in high school ( 1-Point-Perspective , 2-Points-Perspective, Light/Shadow on Geometric Objects, Calligraphy)

Two of my earlier pictures can be found here and as you can see they are average drawings of a beginner

I now want to start drawing seriously going into human anatomy, figure drawing, digital art, getting my own style a.s.o. The problem now is, that I dont know where to start. My biggest goal is to be able to draw digitally up par to lets say the Dangan Ronpa games, LoL Splash arts and/or idrawgirls.

I have read some guidelines saying to start with pen & paper since its easier to access and I would agree with it, if I didnt have a Surface Pro. I could start drawing on paper but I think it would reduce my motivation to go on ( a step back from my goal?).

My Questions are:

  1. I want to start drawing digitally and not with Pen&Paper but is it ok ?

  2. Which steps should I take ? ( figure drawing sketches -> human anatomy -> light shadow -> human faces -> realistic drawings -> colouring -> stylisation - Objects whenever I feel like it)

  3. Which free online materials are there supporting the steps ?(human anatomy par example)

  4. Are there excercises to improve in a area ? ( 30 second speed sketches)

Sorry for this big wall of text and thank you all in advance for helping me ;-)

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