I started golf also 3 months ago I want to see what other people think about my swing

Damn good hip and shoulder turn for your experience level, especially for someone of your build—most swole golfers I’ve played with have a lot shorter swings, less flexibility.

Too much wrist action (overextension) at the top, bringing the club shaft beyond parallel to the ground doesn’t add distance and makes your ball striking less consistent. Unnecessary movement is the enemy and hurts clubhead speed.

Same goes with the feet, a bit of lift off and pivoting is fine, but you’re jumping out of your shoes, that’s power not being directed efficiently to the ball. Quieter feet will add distance because you’re more efficiently transferring your lower body power through your core and arms through to the ball.

Last note if you’re trying to hit the ball farther, think about swinging faster and looser, never harder. Stay loose, tensing up during a swing literally slows it down as you’re also tensing muscles that are antagonistic to your swing motion. This is one big reason we tend to fuck up from swinging harder, but I’ve been playing for 26 years and I still do it on the regular…

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