Starter guide, printables and tables.

Alright, since I've (heavily) modified the combat rules, I'll add them as well:

  • You start by each player rolling a d6 for the amount of objects (asteroids in space, buildings on land, etc) and drawing them on their half of the paper. Then, draw the units on each player's half.

On a turn, you can:

  • Move. You move by flicking your pencil.
  • Shoot. You shoot the same way as you move, but with some extra mechanics (I'll get to them in a second).
  • Repair.

Here are the mechanics for shooting: * Shooter rolls a d6 for every flick that hits. On a 1-3, the shot hits, otherwise it misses. * Shield roll (I've only tested spaceships so far, but you could equate this to armor for tanks): Defender/Owner of the ship that has been shot rolls a d6 for every hit shot. On a 1-2, the shot passes through the shield, otherwise there is no effect. * Finally, the damage roll. Attacker rolls another d6 to determine what part of the spaceship gets hit (again, only tested with spaceships, but for tanks you can do engine, gun, etc). * 1 = Shield Generator. No shields (the 2nd roll). * 2 = Command Deck. No movement. * 3 = Weapons. No shooting. * 4 = Repair Bay. No repairing. * 5 = Engine. No retreating. * 6 = No effect. * No matter what you roll (even a 6), shots do 1 damage to the ship on the 3rd roll. Repairing: * You roll a d6. On an odd number, the repair fails and there is no effect. On an even number, you can repair one component of the ship (shield gen., command, weapons, etc). You cannnot repair damage dealt during battle. Some extra rules (there's also an overworld part of the game, which decides certain conditions of the battles taking place): * Retreating. After 5 battle turns (1 turn = when both players have moved all their ships), going off your half of the map allows your ship to retreat and leave the battle. * Reinforcements. Every 3 battle turns, you take a turn on the overworld, allowing you to move in more ships to help in the battle.

Finally, here are the statistics of our current units:

  • Starship. 3 shots, can take 5 damage.
  • Colony Ships & Transports. 1 shot, can take 3 damage. IIRC, shield roll is also 1-3 instead of 1-2.
  • Infantry & Tanks. Haven't made any stats for these yet, but I'd imagine tanks are going to be much stronger than infantry.
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