Starting college at 22: is it too late and how to cope?

Avoid spending too much time on Facebook if you can. Start slowly socializing IRL. Find college friends. Pero hindi ung puro walwal. Join college orgs.

Focus on your studies. Instead of wallowing things you can't control, focus on things you can. Like build up your skill. Use your spare time to improve yourself and set yourself apart. Meron kang ilang years bago ka makikipagbakbakan sa totoong buhay.

Create and stick to a schedule. Religiously. Instead of saying "I plan / I'll try". Say "I'll do / I'll have to". Talk to your parents or anyone close to you that you'll need their help to motivate you, to keep you moving. If you let yourself slip up and listen to that voice telling you to stay in the shell, you'll never get out. Ever.

Sa mga magtatanong kung bakit ka na-late, sabihin mo na lang muna: Financial problem. Madaling maintindihin at wala na masyadong follow-up question. You can set the record straight when you feel comfortable around them.

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