Starting salary is 240,000 MINUS insurance + pension (down to 180,000), is this normal?

Some tips, I worked at a start up for an Eikaiwa with schools across, as well as assisted in recruiting

  • You don't have to pay nenkin lol, they can't check this and don't feel bad, it's 100% a scam.
  • Use the national healthcare the best you can, any disease you would like to check for? do it before going back home etc. Also, some people go to STD clinics, if you just go to your local hospital for a checkup after some fun with Hanako, it's almost free.
  • Don't work at traditional Japanese companies long-term, it's bad for you and bad for everyone else here, you are supporting crooks who are killing the industry, and indirectly responsible for the decline in the local population just do it for the visa/experience, and leave them (they don't have the same culture, exploiting companies and people for stuff, and leaving is not considered as bad here)
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