Starting to warm up to EVs but I have some questions

  1. probably 3 times a year. Doesn't detract from the fact that it's something I do, and therefore an electric car would be very inconvenient for me in this case. and for me, it would probably outweigh any realized or perceived benefits from my perspective.

    And that's half of Michigan lol. The UP is desolate and it's where I go on vacation quite frequently. And if not in the UP, I'm in the northern half of the LP which has very few charging stations.

    I can drive for over 4 hours and not need to stop to charge. By then, I'm hungry anyway.

    Nah, I can drive 8 hours to get to where I want to go and just snack while I drive. Even if I did want to stop and eat, not many restaurants have charging least in rural areas like Northern Michigan. Maybe they do in big cities like Detroit.

    would an ev be the only car you own?

    No but that's what society is pushing for, which I think for more reasons than I've listed, is completely unrealistic. Seems to be a disconnect for people living in the city when they consider (or fail to consider) people in rural areas.

  2. If you say so. Have yet to come across an in depth study comparing the entire process of manufacturing, using, and disposing of a gas engine vehicle compared to an electric vehicle, regarding environmental impact.

  3. The conditioning I mentioned above, and purposefully maintaining it with hilltop reserve

    This is rare and not everyone takes great care of their vehicles. Which is also a concern for gas engine vehicles. But there are lots of indicators to judge and assess the health and condition of a used gas engine vehicle. My concern, is with all of the electronics, how would one accurately assess them? Maybe there are tools or "health reports" for this. I don't know.

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