Starting a web design business. Local or global?

The web design market is flooded with new freelancers every day who think they can make it big. Unless you have a huge network you're ready to reach out to, or an innovative marketing strategy, or a huge pile of partners ready to forward leads to you, do not do it. You'll waste your time and effort. It's not a viable business without a plan.

I mean, go for it, learn for yourself why there's a 95% failure rate for web design businesses in the first year alone (keeping in mind it's around a 60% failure generally within the first three years for any other business, on average). If you can delude yourself into thinking you'll be part of the 5% with comments like "should I go global? Global clearly equals more clients, right?!"... then fine.

FYI, for me, as someone who has seen probably 50ish (I stopped counting a few years ago) people like you fail, the "global or local" question is one of the big red flags of someone who is pretty clueless in terms of how to run a business. If you're asking that question about web design, you're not ready.

Anyway, this is the long way of me saying: try making photoshop resources. Of the two, it's far more viable, though I'll keep my thoughts on the second one to myself unless you ask.

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