State of League of Legends Servers after changing from Garena (India/Nepal)

The amount of people who wants Garena back is insane. When Garena launched League in SEA it was not all smooth and sail, they had way more issues at the beginning. Most people joined the game when Garena has already stabilized their server and system, the same can be applied to Riot’s transition.

People also forget that while Garena did a bunch of promos, their support was virtually non-existence, report system was useless, and their shop practices were scummy. They raised the tiers of many skins from Epic to Legendary, inflating the prices, then gives us a discount, that’s not a real discount. People who have bought the skins at the higher price funded gacha event system, or anyone who participated in their gambling events. They psychologically manipulated you into thinking you got good deals.

I could understand wanting Riot to do better and it’s fair to criticise, but saying Garena was better is just ignoring the numerous issues they had before. And remember skins aren’t the entire game… There’s a MOBA beside the skin collecting simulator, as well as an Esports scene that Riot took over. Give Riot some time.

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