Statement from the Press Secretary on the Change of Format for Today’s Event

I agree with your point, and I love the clip you linked. The wrinkle that I see with where you say 'PR campaign being levied against Kaepernick', however, is that as an outside observer, I don't even feel like Kapernick understands his 'cause'.

You could watch or read three different interviews with him about his protest, and come away feeling like he gave you three different answers. I think that makes it easier for people who are attacking him to redirect the 'message' of the protest, because it's not really that clear what he's actually protesting. I feel I know more about what Chris Long and Devin McCourty's opinions are, because they have clear, thoughtful messages they deliver when they are asked about their stances. Atop all of that, Colin isn't helping himself out any by wearing pig-cop socks, Fidel Castro t-shirts, tweeting out references of police badges being akin to the "Runaway Slave Patrol"; that's just red-meat for the "Stand for the Anthem" crowd, and more "He must hate America!" fuel on the fire.

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