[StatMuse] Only player with multiple 40-point playoff games this year:

I actually do think it's the extremely strict highlight rules here that are the limiting factor, not the fans/users. I didn't see that thread but I'm glad someone posted it. Have you tried posting a clip here within the last year? If not I encourage you to try just to know what the process is like.

If it was easy to make a clip, there would be hundreds of submissions per game from all sorts of people watching. I'd be doing it when Jimmy Butler is going on a tear in a game I don't really care about.

The fact is, the reason why it often comes down to a fan of the team to do it, is that it's too much work to do unless you really have a good reason to want it posted. Too much DRM to fight and too many arbitrary rules here (can't upload the video directly to reddit, has to be a 3rd party site - why?). It's a nightmare.

If you saw the highlight, why are you gonna distract yourself from the game for 10 minutes to get that sorted out?

I've done it during the regular season and it sucks. During a playoff game? Fuck that. I saw it already. Seriously, the number of clips on the homepage right now (not Suns clips, any clips) is pathetic with the amount of good basketball that happened tonight.

It's a problem with this place.

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