Stay safe guys.

actually you can't be safe, my mom's sister was caught covid 19 then we admit her in a public hospital were there is a poor healthy suitation with no restrooms or any other facilities. Patients has to pee on their beds or in water cans, when its come to 2bathroom I don't know how to explain that.

After that severity report came we decide to admit her in private hospitals, so we call a local politician who helps us from the begining to arrange things for discharge from GH.

Here's a another trouble the private hospital has beds with no o2 charges 2laks for just to admit and has no medicines to treat patients. Then we receive a phone call from a MLA and he says "onnum problem pa amma va GH la vachu parunga yethavathu venum na intha number ku call pannunga naan pathukuren seri ya" afterthat my dad decide to stay.

Yesterday they inject some drugs and gave some tabs, now her condition is fine and Im saying because we handle this because of that politicians not on our own and not everyone have that option.

Be safe guys

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