STAY YOUNG Charted #1 on Bugs 8AM KST Chart

That’s true. I think abnew had another streaming party. Whenever they throw streaming parties the songs go back up in the charts lol. The highest I’ve seen it on Genie was #6 during debut, and then it went back up to #8 (from like #200-something? LOL) earlier today. Seeing SY fluctuate wildly from 150-200s to 20-40s on Genie is kind of fun. It’s spot on Soribada in the 30-50s seems the most consistent/stable. And the highest I’ve seen SY on Melon real time was ~74 or 75 on debut day right before the chart freeze, but it dropped off the next day. There are also some really nice comments on the YouTube video from people who seem new to AB6ix. I hope more people listen to the whole album and not just SY. The bsides are so good. I love all the new songs, even the remixes. I still can’t get over the ending of the Surreal Rock remix. Usually there’s a song I like the least with new releases, but I don’t find that happening with the new repackage songs. Oh wait, maybe, the instrumental tracks? Lol. And the album packaging itself is so freaking pretty with the layer of iridescent shine they put over it. People who collect AB6ix albums should be happy. Anyway yeah. XD yay.

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