Staying calm during service?

I know that you’re a person deeply lacking in compassion or an ability to see the world as anything other than black or white. Your replies scream that.

You’re “not reading all of that” — and yet, you responded to it, and wrote me a comment of equal length. You made an inflammatory remark that insults countless low-income parents struggling to survive. You’re absolutely right that I take that seriously. I work with low-income women who come from desperate situations every day. I don’t actually have personal experience with it. You see, I was born into privilege. We struggled, but always managed. My parents never reached that level of desperation, nor did yours it seems. Their hands weren’t forced. And I’m genuinely so pleased for them and you that they got through it, despite struggling. It doesn’t change the fact that many, many families do find themselves without options. When it’s “lose the roof over your head because mom’s $10/hour under the table job couldn’t possibly pay the bills in 2022” or “have your able-bodied 15 year old work part-time to help us feed ourselves and keep the lights on”, that’s a no brainer. I’m not saying it’s right, or it’s good, but it’s life it’s desperation. Again, I am glad that you’ve never experienced that. It doesn’t mean that others haven’t. You don’t know until it happens to you. You can’t imagine. Clearly.

And for the record, being called privileged is not meant to be an insult. It is, however, the truth. The fact that you cannot understand what impoverished people do to survive makes you privileged. It just does. It doesn’t make you bad. But doing what they have to do to survive doesn’t make them bad either.

I’m sure you won’t take time to read this though. I know you’re very busy. Good job with the weight loss. Try to gain some compassion next.

Congrats on your weight loss though. If only being thin translated to being decent.

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