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Lol you can have reasonable gun regulation that doesn't inevitably lead to tyranny.

Gun regulation doesn't lead to tyranny, it simply enables it. Every historical example of a horrific authoritarian government has been preceded by disarming the population. Look at Venezuela, the government disarmed the populous and the military has been oppressing the citizens and running the country into the ground because they have no means of defending themselves.

And would ultimately be ineffective against the U.S. state, and not a desirable solution in any case.

That's why the US won Vietnam and in the middle East right? Because there's no way an underfunded, barely armed population could somehow resist occupation by soldiers! It's simply unthinkable

Reasonable gun regulation is designed to address the rampant disease of gun violence that uniquely plagues our country in the developed world.

We have over 500 million weapons in America, we are well past the point of regulation. Short of the government forcibly disarming the population you will never be able to reduce gun violence in America.

That seems far more effective than your "last resort" check on tyranny which is more folly than reality.

It's not my last resort it's the founding fathers ideology that an armed populous acts as a check and balance system against the government.

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