[Steam] Winter Sale 2015 | Day 12

Here is a guide for games that are highly recommended for under 10$. There will be some more games today starting at #9 on part 2 which is located below with more games.

Don't Starve[1] is really addictive and has a ton of content if you get the expansions. Think of it like a Tim Burton/ Victorian inspired Minecraft/ Survival Hybrid sandbox game.

Hotline Miami 2[2] can be pretty challenging, and has a phenomenal soundtrack. I feel the first one is better overall, but this one can be more high adrenaline and luck based. The first game is more claustrophobic, with tighter combat, while this one is very open and gun based.

Vanishing of Ethan Carter[3] is an interesting game, really pretty graphics and a good story. Very good mystery like game, lost of good exploration, and very memorable locales.

System Shock 2[4] is is the game that inspired Bioshock, and still holds up well considering the age.

The Amnesia Games[5] really good if you like horror, these are in the creepy(genre) as opposed to jump scare type(genre). These have pretty good stories, and can be pretty tense at times. A great horror game series, and can be downright terrifying in what it shows you, this is one that will disturb you more than knock you out of your chair.

The Binding of Isaac rebirth[6] is an amazing game, kind of like a roguelike(lite) / bullet hell version of the top down dungeons in Zelda games. Hundreds of items, hard as nails difficulty at times, stupid simple runs the others. If you like a challenge, or playing with game bullet phycis, this is a wonderful play.

Undertale[7] , it seems to be a quirky Earthbound-like Rpg with a lot of silly elements.

Terraria[8] Is kind of like a 2d side-scroll Minecraft, but with a heavier focus on Character development and fighting and building armor, weapons, and battle related items, versus exploring, and building creation(less of a focus on world contruction, even though those are heavy elements in the game too)

Left 4 Dead 2[9] is an amazing 4 player team fps with zombies and mutant, and has tons of content and game modes, especially with all the community content. I really like this game, more so that a lot of other shooters, Tanks are very fun to fight, and getting a good team together can REALLY make a difference in how you play the game. Over 600 hours into both game and still kicking! This is my favorite online fps to play with friends!

Portal 2[10] is a must have puzzle fps with a very good story, lovable characters, great online co-op, and is very pretty and atmospheric as well. I love this game, more so than the first. It took everything about the first portal(which was near perfect) and somehow made everything better, the puzzles, the story, the characters, the music, the graphics, EVERYTHING. If you have not played it and are looking for a great game, this should be the one on my list you should try first.

Borderlands 2[11] is an online(or offline single player) 4 player fps with Rpg elements and a bazillion guns and items, very funny, great locations and looks really good for being hand drawn and outlined.(or having a cell-shaded look)

Bioshock Infinite[12] is very good looking and atmospheric, very solid more open game play(can flip from very easy to unbalanced often though) has an amazing story, but not as good as the other 2(combined), lots of nifty pop culture references thrown in. The characters are awesome and very likable. On top of everything you are in a city in the sky in an alternate universe. Kind of hard to break down without too many spoilers, absolutely worth a play-through. I feel this game is near perfect in every aspect. (one of my favorite games, I find this to be the best in the series)Bioshock would probably be my second favorite series I have ever played.

The other Bioshock[13] games are also[14] on sale, very dark and gritty(as opposed to infinite light and colorful palate and tone) the story is very good(slightly better than Infinite) and can really can make you think, and the locations are very memorable. The game play is a little clunky(there is a new patch[15] to fix that, thanks /u/foxfact[16] ) in the first game, but improved in the second. Both feel very claustrophobic and creepy, and have some good jump scares at times. They still look very good too considering they are getting older as well. I still love these games, and would rank them overall near perfect as well, but just slightly under infinite in all aspect expect story. (I count these both as one game, with the second part IMO being a large add-on to the first)

Injustice: Gods Among us[17] , is a very fun fighting game, good for local co-op, but online is still pretty broken(lag, bad matchmaking, cant find online matches). Nothing is better than beating the crap out of superheroes with other superheroes, except when you do the same with the villains. I really hope they make a continuation based on the comics it inspired(now on year 5) there is a TON of really cool things they can continue to do with this series, and comic wise it is one of my favorite alternate Reality DC comics stories!

The Fallout[18] games are really good, story in New Vegas[19] is better, while locations and events I feel are better in 3. I would get both and use the Tale Of Two Wastelands[20] mod to make them a singular game.(TOTW is amazing imo, even though others seem to have issues, the games alone have issue, as do almost all Bethesda games, but the TOTW devs have done a very good job making them work well together)I have dropped damn near 1200 hours on these when I got them on 360, and am starting again on Pc at almost 100, I would say every second of these were worth it and Fallout is absolutely my favorite series so far.

Battleblock Theater[21] is really fun, and simple, BUT can be hair-pulling difficult at times. It comes with a level editor, is very funny, has great music, and is just a great experience to have with friends.

Papers Please[22] is a good simulation game with a ton of humor and political tones, you play a borderpoint guard who screens people coming into the country. This game can be pretty hard at times, but if you pay close attention, and follow the hints given to you, you can do very well after a few play-through.

Nidhogg[23] is pretty fun, it is a 2 player fencing/swordfighting game. Not a lot to say here other than the style is simple, but combat can be pretty brutal. Knowing a little about your opponents move set is pretty important as you cant just going in blindly swinging your sword to win, it actually takes some strategy to be successful. It does have online play that is apparently not very good, but I play locally, so I have not experienced that yet.

Evoland[24] was a blast, I just finished all the achievements a few days ago. The art style and gameplay changes drastically as you play, moving from era to era of rpg games. Some of the influences include Final Fantasy, Zelda, Dragon Quest, and Diablo. I just purchased Evoland 2[25] , and have not had a chance to play it yet, but it seems to be very similar with progression, but also seems to be a longer, more in-depth game.

The Talos Principle[26] is neat, its a 1st person(you can also play in third person!) puzzle game kind of like portal, but involves you moving pylons, and matching up light beams and stuff to open doors to progress through the puzzles, very pretty and very fun, worth a shot if you are into 3d puzzle games.

Hotline Miami[27] is amazing. They(both this and the sequel) are top down stealth/ strategy games with a very vibrant palate, lots of neon and gore, and an amazing 80's themed outrun soundtrack. I personally prefer the first game as it is more clautrophobic, with more weapon choices and less random chance. While the second game is more open and gunplay based, with a bit of luck thrown in for fighting the enemies that see you before you see them.

Grow Home[28] is a colorful climbing game, kind of reminding me of a 3d platform version of Donkey Kong King of Swing. As you progress up the objective you get more and more abilities to help you get to other areas, get up faster, jetpack and lots of other stuff. Its a pretty game, but also is pretty short.


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