Steelers top the league in Win % in the last 25 years, while the Raiders lead the league in that category for the 25 years prior to that

My family has had season tickets since they built New City Stadium in 1957. So we've seen it all. It's been amazing, and it's really been a huge part of my life, my mom and dad's lives, and of course grandpa's, the guy who originally signed us up for the tickets. So I wholeheartedly understand where you're coming from with the organization and your lifelong connection to it.

The stories are nearly innumerable at this point, from the Lombardi era and the first two Superbowls, to the dark period of the 70s/80s, to the resurgence in the 90s and the current era. A lot of it isn't even the wins or the losses, or what was happening with the team, but what we experienced following them. People will get on "sports" for not being a worthwhile pastime to follow, but so many of our memories still circle around how the Packers grew over that time, and what we were doing during that time.

I should probably write it all down at some point, because we each had our own touchpoints during it all. I'll avoid the obvious football moments since we've all read about those, but here are a few good family memories of the Packers during that time:

-Grandpa and Grandma used to drive up in two cars with three other couples in the late 50s, though they only had 4 total seats. They would park over in the Potts Avenue area (or whatever it once was called,) and the men would head over to see the game, dressed up like they were going out to church. Of course this meant grandma and the other women were left to look over the cars, and they'd stay there with various Old Fashioneds and such while listening to the game on the radio. This didn't seem to bother anyone, as afterwards they'd all head out to a supper club in Green Bay for more drinks, a good steak, and then a drive home. It was a social event for everyone, and of course drunk driving was "unheard of" so they always made it home just fine (other than one time putting a car into a snow bank near home, and having the police take them home, no questions asked.)

-Mom and dad taking over primary viewership as the team slumped in the 70s, and taking various friends along while the grandparents watched more frequently from home (minus those Bears games, they always made it up for those.) It was still a social event, minus very much success. So of course you'd tailgate, drink a good lot of bloody marys beforehand, and hope Steve Luke showed up for a really good game. And then they'd hope someone was sober enough after it all to drive home (really, the whole DUI thing wasn't yet entrenched in society like it is today...)

-I finally got to go to a game in 1989, early in the season before anyone of consequence was on the schedule. Tickets at that time were $29, and I brought along a friend, Tim, to see the Packers square off against Tampa Bay. First game of the season, and we were stoked. But of course we were used to Green Bay not being terribly good, and got distracted by the snacks, the stadium, and throwing peanuts into some woman's perm a few rows down. Green Bay lost, but damn if we weren't happy to throw down a few weeks of lawn mowing money on the experience. I subsequently saw another Bucs game, a Rams game, and then gradually the Pack got good again under Holmgren, and the kids were out of the picture at games for a bit!

Overall, 10/10 family experience with the organization, and would highly recommend. Just don't drink and drive, that's a habit of the past.

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