Stefon Diggs caught passes from PS quarterback Jake Browning at the end of practice while Adam Thielen and other WRs worked with Kirk Cousins and Sean Mannion.

If its success & self fulfillment they're looking for why do guys constantly hold out for more money? & not just guys on rookie contracts? As a jet fan darrelle Revis was a multimillionaire & you knew every year he was holding out for more money. More money for them = less money allocated to the rest of the teams needs.. = the likelihood of a lesser chance of success. Dont know why OP was getting downvoted. Theres plenty of guys in the league that are perfectly fine with doing Jack shit as long as they make their money. Jamarcus Russell prime example. The guy was legit offered a starting QB job with a new team but turned down their offer to remain a backup on his current team at the time lol. I realize that his situation is uncommon but I'm just saying. I will say that this doesn't apply to Diggs' situation though. He obviously wants to be involved in the passing game more but I seriously doubt its about self fulfillment and more about a bigger contract when the time comes.

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