Stellar Open Up About Going with a Sexy Concept Again

No, you posted the entire sentence instead of chopping off the first few works like the original commentor did. That's not the same as giving the context behind the post.

The OP was talking about girl groups that have been forced into sexy concepts, and expressed the opinion that Stellar wasn't one of them with Vibrato. He said that you can't 100% say that Stellar were forced into this concept - that, for all anyone knew, they had signed off on it and accepted that this was their way to success. The sentence you quoted was the very last one from the comment and was clearly meant as more of a "you don't know, so don't say that you do" type of comment, not a comment that was actually suggesting that Stellar are exhibitionists who love every single bit of their sexy concepts.

Posting the sentence you did while conveniently neglecting to mention the rest of the comment that makes it clear how that line should be taken - THAT'S how you took the quote out of context.

And what it's worth, the OP of that comment was right on the money.

For all you know, the four girls have signed off on the idea that in order to gain fame and success (for them anyway) they have to do it this way.

That's exactly what the article just said. The girls realized that sex sells, and they went with it. I also find your comment that there's absolutely no way that they could enjoy a sexy concept because "we know how Korea is" to be pretty offensive. Stellar is not the first girl group to have done a sexy concept, and they won't be the last. It's not inconceivable that the girls enjoy the concept - one of them even said as much in the article, talked about how women shouldn't be ashamed of their sexuality.

So, yeah. Your comment about Fox News is especially ironic since it turns out you're the one who most closely represents their 'journalistic integrity', not the other commentors you were trying to put down.

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