Steph Curry celebration after Klay Thompson's 3

Steph Curry is arrogant just like LeBron James, Cam Newton, Usain Bolt, or any other top athlete that receives flak for being arrogant. I don't have a problem with Steph. My problem is more with fans and the media in general.

It's not hate! It's the truth. He's always been pretty expressive with his celebrations but in past he's been more low key about them -- almost sneaky-- (i.e counting out the points of a four point plays, shimmying). Recently he has become more bold with the celebrations. (i.e "I'm back" and the watch on the wrist in Portland, shooting that ball and staring Ibaka down before the shot went in, the seven fingers in OKC). Last night was a new level for him, just look through the comments in this thread for the different clips. Honestly think about all the celebrations you can associate with Steph Curry. I am sure I missed some.

This is not about whether or not Steph deserves to be arrogant -- because he does -- but rather this humble image of himself that he has actively crafted that don't seem to reconcile with the levels of his celebrations. Other athletes are generally disliked and vilified when this happens. I will not deny that the media and the NBA have played a huge role in this. The hype train is great for both of them and Steph has earned that. The difference between Steph or say Draymond or Lebron is whether or not the media decides to highlight the inconsistencies between their image and actions day in and day out. In Steph's case they haven't. Instead they say things like he's "having fun" or he's "enjoying the game".

Sports are great in that you are allowed to be irrational, hypocritical, and fanatical so maybe it's pointless for me even bother with this matter. I believe that sports and emotions go hand in hand. Sports are better when the athletes are allowed to express their emotions. For some reason a lot of people expect the best athletes to be humble role models. I disagree with completely but that isn't the point I'm looking to make. Personally I have always enjoyed the guys who aren't bashful. There is a lot to be said about athletes that are arrogant and deal with the backlash that comes with it.

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