Stephen hawking is doing an AMA Monday July 27 at 8am ET through Tuesday, August 4. The renowned physicist plans to discuss his concerns that artificial intelligence could one day outsmart mankind if we're not careful. Mark it in the books!

If you have to cite your "experience," you're in very bad territory, dude. What we have here to use at our disposal on this forum is WORDS - experience means shit. For example . . . I have 41 years being a smarter human-being than you are. Are you going to accept that? On your terms, you'd better fucking better, because I got motherfucking experience, you inexperienced dumbshit.

Don't you see? It's not about whether "A.I. will being to rule humaniy" - it's about the liberal agenda and you've just fucking exposed yourself, you dumbass.

You're making me laugh maniacally about "education." I have an education that IDGAF about sharing. You feel that's your only means of defense - which means you're a dumbass. People who graduate from college (any college) are a DIME A DOZEN, you fucknut. You don't impress me with how often you've taken tests. And yes, you go on with a "career" while I observe the stars in solace and wonder why you don't wander. Dumb. Shit.

I just pressed the poison right out didn't I? Weren't we talking about AI? See, dumbshit, I don't give a FUCK about what you couldn't teach yourself. If your only "defense" is "other people with very strong credentials told me this," then you've lost. All you're citing is "I paid for dumbshits to teach me dumb shit."

Here's my ULTIMATE point:

Hawking is a liberal, and so are you (and I proudly squeezed that out of you like a pimple, you little pimple) - WHICH MEANS - WHICH MOTHER FUCKING MEANS, YOU FUCKING IDIOT, AND DON'T YOU IGNORE THIS - YOU THINK IT'S OK TO TELL PEOPLE WHAT THEY CAN OR CANNOT DO IN THIS SACRED, SACRED LIFE. You've no concept of free-will. Your only recourse is power-in-numbers, i.e. getting other people to do what you can't.

The programmers who are WORTH A BILLION FUCKING BUCKS SUCH AS YOU ARE DESCRIBING are aware of the dangers.

Hawking is an idiot because he doesn't. understand. free-will. That is the most sacred concept in this universe and THE most widely misunderstood. Any "genius" who believes in the force of "law" is not a "genius" - he's an expert . . . who's also a fucking idiot.

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