Stepping down

I just stepped down from overnight support as well, and am in fact on my last 3 days in this role. I actually did the same thing you're trying to do, which is going from support back to stocker, so I also gave up $1.50 by stepping down but to be honest, I think I'm far better off as a stocker anyway. Being a support can be annoying . . . It seems like you're always a punching bag at Wal-Mart, but even while I was getting ready to clock out the other day I overheard several stockers and other managers criticizing some of the other new supports and just being vicious about it. They did the same to me, and a lot of the time while I was support I can say that it felt very much like I was on my own. Upper management was pretty hard to find most of the time, so now I don't have to struggle to keep people on task who really just want to stand around and small talk their friends on the sales floor while upper management does the very same thing in a different corner of the store (I swear, it's not easy pushing yourself to keep people on task when you see your own bosses standing around for an hour at a time socializing with their wal-mart cronies) while I am utterly miserable running laps around the place trying to keep people productive and constantly realizing how broken the system is when the people who are supposed to be enforcing it alongside me are too busy chasing tail and trying to get some Wal-Mart lovin'.

No more having to pick up the slack for people who simply will not work, and who upper management has no interest in coaching. As a support it often seemed like some people were simply untouchable, as when I tried to address their poor work habits and pitiful work ethics with a trip to the office, the ASMs would step in and pretty much tell me to focus on other things and that they had the situation under control. Meanwhile said slackers would continue smirking and getting away with murder month after month . . .

It's still not a bad job if you can overlook stuff like that, but for me personally, I am not very social so trying to be a support and pushing myself to constantly confront people who only wanted to socialize and also having to talk at the meetings was always exhausting. I am honestly going to be happier now that I can go back to my own routine without having to be concerned with who is/isn't doing their job, and without everyone coming to me to vent about every problem they encounter.

Maybe the next one who takes over my position will fare better. For me though, I've learned that management is not enjoyable and that I'm better off making a little less money. I love to work, but I HATE talking at meetings, and I hate chasing people around all night long to do their job. So yeah, I've learned that I just don't have the right stuff to be a manager and while I can't say why other people are stepping down lately, I can safely say that that's why I am taking the demotion with a smile and a handshake.

I remember a few years ago before all these changes with the CAP teams, top stock, etc. when I really wanted to try my hand at being a support. If I remember correctly, I applied two or three times, interviewed just as many times and didn't get anywhere. Finally I lost interest and was not going to apply for it anymore. Then the position opened up and management came to ME . . .

Now I realize after having gotten some time in this role that it was a good thing for me to be getting passed over for this job. I don't regret taking the job now for the simple reason that my pay as a stocker is higher than it used to be (losing only 10% by stepping down is a great thing if you task me!) and because it gave me the first hand experience to know that I really don't like being a manager. Now I won't have to be annoyed when I get passed over for a promotion and see someone who barely does anything get the job. NOW I can say . . . . better him than me! lol

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