The stereotype is so real

Also American, and no, not really. It's a totally different vibe here than some of the other subs that make fun of something. For the most part, everyone here is pretty reasonable and polite, and the mods are on top of their shit. There was one guy being a racist dick in an argument yesterday, and by the time I got the notification that he replied a few more times, the comments had been removed. I'm a little curious as to what he said, but I don't actually care, because that level of toxicity is really out of place here. He seemed to genuinely hate Americans on top of being a racist moron, so I wouldn't be surprised if he were banned.

A lot of what's addressed here is stuff that left-leaning Americans bitch about all the time, and stuff that we can't really discuss freely irl without being attacked by flag worshippers. This sub allows for that discussion, and even on the occasion a post is about something that I do, the response has been pretty friendly when I admit it.

This is one of my favorite subs largely because of the reasonable nature of the people here, and the predictability that overt shittiness will be downvoted and argued against. As much as everyone's making fun of the weird things Americans say and do, the second it crosses the line into hating Americans, it's invariably called out. I don't recall ever having to say anything about it either because it's usually non-Americans who step in and say "hey, we're just joking, but you're being a cunt, so fuck off".

Tl;dr: American, it's not a hate sub- people are nice here

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