I must confess I was really sentimental along the movie, at first I thought it was because I'm really sentimental person,but when I saw the character development I noticed how much I comprehend the feelings of this character because it made me think about the person who hurt me, the person who why supposed to be there for me which is wasons it makes me feel so broken-hearted I never could trust someone like that person again and ever since then I've been totally close to any relationship the same type as I had with my sister I couldn't believe I could trust anyone as same as I could trust her since she betrayed me and me felt make me feel like inferior trash, this movie really gave me hope that it's really really scary trust someone and be betrayed again, because it really is a awful feeling, and even more since you never saw her cry the beginning she was trying to find revenge and that's how I felt, I wanted to kill her, I wanted her to be gone forever, but this really gives me hope for me to learn how to be enough for myself

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