I want to stick with BoA for now but I'm unsure about which of their credit cards to use

This seems like a pretty straightforward math question...

Cash rewards:
(depending on your BofA rewards level)
3%-5.25% on one category: online shopping/travel/gas/home improvement
2%-3.5% at groceries
1%-1.75% on everything else

The new unlimited card is 1.5%-2.5% on everything
The travel rewards card is also 1.5%-2.5%, but you can only redeem on travel purchases. The only advantage of the card is no FTF, but if you don't plan on spending time abroad then it's not beneficial.

So the ideal setup is cash rewards + unlimited. Set the cash rewards 3% category to your biggest spend category and also use it for groceries, and the unlimited for everything else.

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