The sticker on Jill’s phone is the opposite of what Meech raised her daughters to believe: Beautiful girl, you can do hard things.

She’s doing the best she knows how to do. Leave her alone. I’m not fangirling her cult but shit...home girl is doing work on herself.

We will not accept the horrific way she was raised nor ever give praise to her abusive parents and cult they called religion, but let’s give the lady a bit of grace. She’s not perfect. None of us are. She still has kool aid in her veins. Her family is wretched. The vitriol runs deep. Deeper that we likely know. There is much to snark on, and she has a lot of hate in her heart that I sincerely hope she recognizes, comes to terms with and rectifies. looking at you my LGBTQ fam

But she’s trying. Like we all are.

Ban me for fangirling but that’s not my intent. My intent is to support her attempt to leave with the understanding that it’s going to be hard as hell for many, many reasons. Jill, if you happen to lurk here, go girl, go.

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