The stickied post on KIA right now is basically "It's Bad To Have Friends"

That's interesting, and valid to some degree.

There will always be people that think that things aren't like how they used to be, whether it be with movies, music, games, whatever... hell, I'm even one of those people. I've been playing games since the 80's, and I've seen the ups and downs, and while I definitely think there might be a downfall in games, I would never think that it would be the result of the inclusion of progressive politics.

I just think it's funny that the same people that are pulling this off are the same people same people that are demanding that gaming be taken seriously as a mature artform. Gaming has long since been battle the stigma that video games are toys for children. But if you want the general public to perceive games as a valid and mature artform, you can't NOT address real issues, like feminism, racism, homophobia, poverty, etc... These are real issues that really affect people outside of gaming. A game isn't mature just because it has guns and tits. If gaming is to ever grow, it has to gain perspective in and outside of these issue. And to be truthful, I do believe that that is happening, so I'm not worried there.

During the 90's there was a huge outrage that video games were becoming too violent and that would impact society in a negative way (for example, Mortal Kombat). Since then, what has happened? Video games have gotten more violent, and for the most part people have moved on from it. Meaning, sure the outrage has had some impact on the medium, but it was never really detrimental, and in some ways it was beneficial, with the advent of the ESRB, allowing consumers to be more informed. I would have never thought that anyone could possibly feel so threatened that games would become so diluted because of mindful criticism, until I was yelled at on /r/videos for commenting on a Gamergate video. It was mind boggling, really.

So at the end of the day, just be honest for fuck's sake. If you truly feel threatened that progressive politics are overrunning your hobby, and if your movement really is nothing more than trying to impede that, then fine. Own up to it. Don't sit there and hide behind hashtags and acronyms and claims that this is an ethical crusade.

Sorry for the rant.

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