Still feeling suicidal. Parents don't get it.

Hello and thank you.

I'm 26. I don't have a job and I never finished high school. But I've been trying to focus on my education again so I can move forward. It's just hard. I'm not independent at all. I've been dealing with suicide attempts since I was around 20 and I've been feeling like this since I was a kid. I just depend on my parents for a lot of things, especially money. I believe I don't know how I handle living on my own.

I'll be honest it's still surprising to me to fully understand or realize that my parents are like this. I think it was because of years of be isolated and believing they were the only ones who could ever understand me that's caused me to feel like this. I have a hard time letting go because I feel like I'll be nothing without them. But even with them in my life, I feel like nothing.

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