Still not as funny as the Pompeii scene.

Well, I'm glad you've gone from "it was actually" to "decide for yourself".

Yes, you’re free to have your own thoughts on the subject. That’s how life works.

The link you provided is for sweet calamus. It wasn’t expensive (which Khanna Bosm definitely was, as is heavily documented) wasn’t extensively cultivated, and doesn’t secrete the right kinds of oil. There were plenty of aromatic plants being imported to the Middle East at the time.

And as far as the smell of marijuana, that’s fine as your opinion, but I know plenty of people who don’t smoke themselves but don’t mind the smell. It’s kind of funny though, you were the one complaining about agendas and then dissing stoners. You can’t attribute the opposing beliefs to bias and then say shit like that. It undermines literally everything you’re saying.

We're not having a debate about that. What the Bible does or does not say has no bearing on my life

That’s literally what the discussion was about before you jumped in. You can try to side rail if you want to, but that’s definitely what it’s been about until this point.

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