Do you still read reviews?

I've found that a lot of reviews from gaming journalists aren't particularly useful. If you don't follow the critic and know their opinions and biases than their review is useless because you can't put their ratings into perspective. Because so many critics are working for websites like IGN with other staff, it's a real gamble if you can understand the bias of this random reviewer so I choose to ignore written reviews entirely.

Instead I check out reviews on YouTube, it's (usually) a lot more apparent if they finished the game and it's easily to follow and remember a reviewer if I watch a video with their face and voice. This way I can understand that COD420BlazeIt on YouTube loves FPS but hates RPGs so I can take their opinion with a grain of salt. I understand their bias already and even if they despise a game that I love, I can still understand where they are coming from.

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