Do you think it's still safe to use?

These comments are full of people saying "the seal" is broken, it wont seal, you will get burned, etc. No, just no. The seal is below the metal housing. The plastic part that is burnt is comestic and doesn't handle any of the mechanical workings of the pressure cooker. If the handle was weakened then you may not be able to get it on and off easily, but the functionality is still there and would work fine. You can see the metal is fine, the vent isn't touched by the plastic damange, and as long as you can easily secure it and feel it lock in there would be no problems at all.

The company would say dont use it because that's them avoided a possible lawsuit. Others will say don't use it because of stories about injuries, yet there are just as many stories of brand new pressure cookers causing problems, and others will keep arguing without having the slightest idea of how a pressure cooker actually works.

With all of that said, I'd still get a new one.

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