Stoic perspective on when it's a good time to cut ties with life long friends?

Points are valid, thanks. It's less about it affecting me as much as it is should I really choose to be around that? Maybe cutting was too extreme of a term, distancing slightly is ore appropriate to how I feel. Thing is I do a lot of charity work in my everyday life and my personal space is reserved to recharge. I recharge on my own because to be honest I don't know people who are also embarking on this journey I am on so a lot of my growth is reliant on me being my only cheerleader and support system. I'd love to be a teacher and be all the strength they need because I truly believe they deserve that as I can see they really do need that alternative perspective in their life and they are good people, I am just on an empty tank in terms of my own limited support network for myself. I am not sure I can be saving and teaching the world whilst trying to hold onto my own sanity on my own, you know so it's tough. Or maybe I can be all that. I'll figure out in the end, probably just give it a few days to settle into my thoughts and what I can realistically emotionally provide to the friendship.

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