I stole 3 times, and I regret it.

the best reply so far, and I think it might be sugar, I have been really anxious these days (and thinking about getting fired is REALLY amping that anxiety), and then, I normally eat candy, I try not to, so usually I don't walk with candy on me. Then, at work, I usually see half ate bars and mainly opened bottles in the freezers, so I think I acted like a child, "if they can, why can't I?", I saw an opportunity and did it. Still, as I said, it really amps up my anxiety. I am kinda paranoid, so when a supervisor or ATL look at me a certain way, I think, "shit, they got me", imagine having to explain to my family that I got fired for stealing a candy bar, how lame. Writing this, I think I need to go back to therapy.

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