Stop imagining that women are flirting with you when they’re just trying to do their job.

It's not impossible.

Does she look down before making eye contact up at you? And hold the eye contact, unbroken, for longer than the time it would normally take between blinks? Or play eye tag, looking at you, but quickly looking away whenever you notice?

Does she mirror what you're doing? Does she mirror what you're doing while finding excuses to touch you? Are these touches involving sensitive places, not necessarily r-rated, like above the knee or the base of the neck?

Does she sit in uncomfortable positions that look like she's posing for someone? Someone who isn't taking the hint to approach her, for example?

I mean, I know you want to be careful, but what's the harm in a bit of flirting to see where it leads? You needn't commit to anything right away. And many couples found that just joking around eventually turned into something more serious, because of the chemistry they found.

If there's no chemistry at all, you can both quickly change the subject and move on. There's no need for a humiliating public rejection on anyone's part.

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