Stop Taking Competitive So Serious, It's Just A Game

1 - I read your post, unfortunately. 2 - The competitive gamemode tries to match you with players at a similar skill level to you, so yeah, it's (supposed to be) a pretty even playing field. Few report people for simply not doing very well, they report people who are deliberately throwing. That's what I do. 3 - Abandoning a competitive match shouldn't be a punishable offense?.. 4 - Some people take their competitive ranking very seriously. Ranking and clout can be quite important/meaningful to people. That's why a competitive gamemode was introduced - so competitive players can play in an environment where their teammates also play to win. If you were arguing this point while this game had only a casual gamemode, you'd have some ground to stand on. 5 - There's such things as camps or street games for sports and tabletop games where there's no prizes. People play to win, have fun, but rightfully get upset when teammates do dumb shit. I take it you're one of those players that gets flamed for doing poorly.

  1. That second point is a major claim. You claim that most people don't report others for doing bad, that they report people for throwing. Care to link a source for somethign like this?

  2. What? That's not what im saying. Im saying these kinds of things happen, there will always be people like this... Not much you can do...

  3. Some? Okay, so most people don't take it seriously. Great... Thanks for proving my point.

  4. Okay and? Again, you aren't losing anything meaningful. If something like this really means THAT MUCH to you, then you should go find a different hobby. As I already, said you're not losing money or a place to live. It's as simple as that...

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