THE "Stop White Genocide" Video

The issue is that the legitimate grievances white people have get lumped in with stormfront "deport all blacks" style racists because there isn't enough condemnation of actual racism and discrimination within the white community by those white people who are capable of seeing how whites are discriminated against.

The same issue actually exists in black America; there is no shortage of voices in the black community willing to castigate the institutions of American power (often created along racial lines) for the suffering of black people - - but of those capable of articulating those truths very, very few will acknowledge that large numbers of black people do espouse cultural attitudes towards crime and family that simply aren't very good for any society, certainly not themselves.

You can see this dynamic everywhere; from the marginalization of Christians who are often beset by a lot of casual bigotry (the left dares not criticize Muslims the way they do Christians; forget about Jews), but yet don't come out strong against the Westboro Baptist Church/the Duggars (Huckabee is still defending them!)

to social-democracy advocates and Sanders/Warren types who can't fucking bother to admit that the absolute orgy of economic bounty the West enjoys is a result of capitalism.

When an oppressed group only makes the argument of its oppression without at least examining some of the faults it is accused of, no one takes it seriously.

As a racial minority, but one who was born and raised in the US, for the sake of Anglo-Western culture, particularly here in America, I hope white people for whom this video has resonance can do that:

Make this argument against the absurd degree of modern multiculturalism, without denigrating other people, and without throwing the baby of respect out with the bathwater of political correctness.

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