#stopDMCA is trending on Twitter! We need to let Senator Thom Tillis know that streaming is not a felony and that the DMCA an old piece of junk that needs to be modernized by content creators voices without the need for pesky lobbyists!

I listened to this guy's views for a bit until he started devoting his time to bashing Tillis. We all know Tillis is one of the worst. But this guy didn't make a good case against DMCA initially, before the blah, blah and he lost us. The big labels in the music industry are protecting their own. As an indie band, we wouldn't mind some kind of financial protection ourselves, especially since we cannot play publicly during these lockdowns. We are an indie band (not signed to any labels) because We're against the abusive treatment from major labels and out first EP is a bunch of covers that the original copyright holders will capitalize on...and We're good with that. But when we release our originals, who's protecting us?

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