[Stories] Has anyone on here caused an accident that has seriously altered another person's life? How have you dealt with this, and how has it affected you?

I can't tell if you mean a car accident or just any event that wasn't on purpose.

But if it's just any event then I've got a story. So in high school there was a guy that I wasn't really fond of but we hung out with some of the same people and he was having a party at his house since his dad was supposed to be out of town that night. This was before we were actually started drinking much and so we were mostly just hanging out and playing Rock Band. Late that night after a bunch of other stuff happened that is really another story in itself, his sister and her friend came home. I had never met either of them. I was just about to go to bed before that and since they had not planned on coming home, the guy who's house it was had told me I could sleep in her room. When she got home she said it was ok for me to sleep in there as they didn't plan on going to bed that night. Well I woke up probably an hour later with her friend climbing into bed with me and with her going to sleep on the floor. The friend and I had a little fun but since we were still pretty young we didn't do much more than round the first couple of bases. We went to sleep and the next thing I know the guy's dad is opening the door to me in his daughter's bed with her friend. He starts yelling at me to get the hell out of his house, and so I get up and go downstairs to get my stuff and leave. The dad goes downstairs and starts yelling at his son and then goes back upstairs. The guy said I should leave so I bail and go home. Later that day we go over to another friend's house and the guy is there. He tells me his dad has kicked him out and they got into a fist fight. I felt like utter shit that I had gotten this kid kicked out of his house and we weren't close at all. He told me it was ok and that he was going to live with his mom.

A week later his dad asked him to move back in and apologized for a lot of stuff that had been going on between them and apparently started being a better dad in general. I still felt like a complete asshole even though it turned out ok. And I never saw that girl again.

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