[Stories] Can you share about the time you spent in a psychiatric hospital?

Yeah. Last year in 2013, in the first part of the month of July I spent two nights/ three days in the hospital. I forget what they actually called it, mental institution/ mental clinic. But it was St Thomas in Akron Ohio which is now closed. I went in cause I had been dealing with depression and suicidal thoughts that just kept gettin worse. It got to the point where I'd just hear a version of myself in my head telling me to kill myself. I went in on my own terms cause i told myself I was mentally ill and I honestly thought that if I stayed home for those two days I would have done it cause it was bad at that point.

I went in the evening and there was a downstairs area with a few rooms where they basically checked me out, and asked why I was coming to the hospital. And by this point I was hesitant to tell them the truth cause they'd make me stay but I let a little to much go and they wouldn't let me leave after untold them I had voices saying to kill myself. They gave me hospital clothes and my t shirt and shorts and shows were kept by them (cause I could possibly harm myself with shoe strings and draw strings) I took a few tests; urin test cause I said I spoked pot and they had to make sure. and took a few other tests occasionally (I think they were called vitals) after all that I went upstairs in the elevator, and they make you stay in a wheel chair while moving from area to area and have two cops side by side with you too.

Upstairs was the main housing area for the patients staying there. There was two sides, a 'violent' side, and them the side I was on. The violent side had the people who would, for example fight with the staff or cops, or I'd imagine someone could be like banging there head on the wall to try and harm themselves would get placed in there too. I was on the good side of the ward cause I deff didn't want to do anything to make my stay longer.

They showed me my room, and asked a bunch more questions and then I was left on my own. It was late by the time they were done with me. Like 1100 pm. Everyone else on the floor I was on was sleeping. I couldn't sleep at all. My mind was racing with a the event that had just happened. It was really a frightening experience for me. Because I was being held against my will for and undetermined amount of time and just the atmosphere of it all scared me. I didn't sleep all night, I walked around the halls and read a couple books and in the morning I Met with my doctor that I had for the stay. It's his decision to say if I'm healthy enough to leave. I was very tired and mental illness aside I was not operating fully due to Lack of sleep. Apparently I didn't say the right things cause he said I'll be staying another night to try another medication and see how it does. I was furious and upset by his decision. I just went to my room and laid face down crying quietly for hours.

The next day I would talk to him and I actually slept that night so my mind was a little clearer. I basically lied and said I wasnt having the previous feelings I was. And he cleared me to leave.

The whole stay at the hospital didn't help my mental illness progress. Stayin in there with some messed up people made me realize I could deal with this a bit better. I mean there's people I saw in there that have been there for a few months. I deff figured I could battle this illness and not let it run my life.

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