stories of guys unknowingly eating cum/creampies

One day my ex told me that this guy could sell us some mushrooms. I had to go to work that day but she begged me to let her take my car and my cash with her. She said they were meeting at a Walgreens. I got off work and she picked me up and said that she had left her wallet at his place so I knew that was bullshit. She had gone to his place spent my money on the shrooms and then he made her suck his cock. She picked me up from work and kissed me and I could taste something was wrong. She drove us to his place and I sat in the car. She was supposed to pick it up on the patio where he was gonna leave it because he had things to do or something. She was gone for 40 minutes. I just sat there too scared to go up and find them and too scared to just leave when I know if I did that she'd just stay the night and continue to get her brains fucked out. She came back walking funny with a big smile on her face when she saw how upset I was. She got in the car and kissed me deeply - she didn't shove a load in my mouth but I could taste that she had been sucking cock and eating cum. When we got home she told me to lay down because she wanted to sit on my face. I laid down and she sat on my face and her pussy was full of cum. She said that he told her to do this to me - she never did anything sexual with me and hadn't done anything sexual with me for like over half a year at this point. She also had a buttplug in and told me I couldn't take it out or touch it because it was "his".

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