[Stories]How did you meet your Significant Other?

Average story - was at a party a few months after breaking up with my ex - and one of my ex's friends who was friends with me still told me that she could get me the "most beautiful" girls number at the party - and me being me - ginger, tall, skinny and very pale had my doubts. So she walks off and comes back 5 minutes later and said "text her when you get home, i told her that it was my phone i put her number in".

Later that night i text this mysterious woman and tell her "sorry, but my friend took my phone and pretended it was her phone to get your number - so i hope you weren't expecting her to be texting you right now" and then she replies back "no that's okay who are you and why did she put my number in your phone?" and i explained to her the story and that my friend tried getting me the most beautiful girls number at the party.

Then she told me her name (commence facebook stalk) and holy bejaysus was she beautiful - and my hopes went straight down into the dirt. And to make things worse after texting back and forth for about an hour - she tells me that she is interested in some one else, so don't get any idea's or my hopes up - i agreed and continued texting her for a little bit then stopped communicating for about a month or two. Then out of no where i decide to text her to see how she is going and what not. Turns out this guy she is interested in is a complete dick to her, so long story short we plan to see each other and see a movie to cheer her up - skip ahead a few weeks and my job asks me to move to another city for a few months, i share this information with her and she seems upset by this. I ask why and it turns out she started growing feelings for me - so right then and there i asked her to be my girlfriend and she said of course! - i ended up going to the new city for a month (turned out to be an absolutely shit job) - quit, and came back to my new found SO :) we have now been dating for nearly 2 years now :)

photo of both of us

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