[Stories] What is the story of a time you cock-blocked yourself?

In my sophomore year of college, there was this one girl I crushed on HARD. At this point I had never dated anybody, but I was infatuated with this girl. One of my friends asked her out and I figured that was it, but shortly after, she broke up with him. I'm still crushing hard on this girl but too insecure to make a move. Throughout the year she keeps commenting how cute I am, but I attributed this to just being part of her personality. In addition, it seemed to me that the type of cute she was implying was more the puppy-dog cute than attractive-human cute.

Fast forward to beginning of Junior year. I'm going to a block party in which my aforementioned friend's house is participating, and I'm pregaming at another friend's apartment where this girl shows up. We all head over to the block party. Now I'm not sure how important this next fact is to the whole story, but my friend that used to date my crush recently began dating the girl who was my crush's roommate from freshman year through this year, and this is the night my crush found out about it. The whole night my crush is "orbiting" me, resting her head on my shoulder, and starting conversations (something I have difficulty doing). Eventually I leave the party to walk home and she and her (gay) friend decide to come along with me. At some point, she asks me the following question:

"dvorak, why don't I have a boyfriend?"

Now I have no idea how to respond to this. I refused to put myself out there and simply answer, "I don't know". Some silence follows; her friend breaks it with another question:

"dvorak, do you have a girlfriend?"

Same response from me: "I don't know". She follows up quickly with "then why don't we date each other?". At this point the only explanation my brain is able to give me is that she's drunk and joking, despite her having not drank that much, and her friend essentially wingmanning her. So I decide to go along with the joke and respond "Haha, good idea" in a joking tone. Around this point we have to go our separate ways and as she's crossing the street she yells out to me: "all right! We're dating now!". I never brought it up to her again. It never occurred to me that she might've been honest until a couple months later.

I guess this wasn't a textbook cockblock, but rather more of a dateblock, but it's still somewhat upsetting.

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