[Stories] What is the story of a time you cock-blocked yourself?

My first semester of community college my best friend and I took art appreciation, among other required courses. The instructor was good looking (8/10) early 30's, but came across as "bitchy." We had no idea how hard this class would be, especially since it was a night class. Art was her thing, she knew her shit and expected for you to as well. Since this was an intro class, attendance quickly dwindled from 30 to 9. The two of us stuck with it, applied ourselves and passed.

Being our first semester and the "bad asses" we were, we would go and smoke cigarettes on our ten minute break. Our teacher would usually walk beyond us, lite up, and get on her phone. This started to change as the semester wore on and the classes attendance lowered. She started to come out and engage us in conversation. It started out with the classroom topic continued outside, but as the conversations happened more frequently the topic would stray and become more personal. Not anything weird, but more like a conversation between equals and not student/instructor. (ex. How did you decide to become a teacher? Do we think the material is too hard? Where are we from? ect.)

Fast-forward to the last day of class, 9 students left, we have a review of the material, a break, final, then an instructor evaluation. I don't know how common the evaluation is, but it had to be done last thing after the instructor left, sealed in an envelope, and delivered by a student to a sealed drop box by the office.

During our last break, the three of us were smoking and talking like usual. I remember her asking if we were going to be taking any art courses next semester. That's when she asked us something I never expected. She asked if we would collect the evaluations, not seal it, and meet her at a bar (known for and closed shortly after for serving minors) five minutes away. Due to youthful ignorance and a small crush, I agreed without hesitation. Test ended, evaluations filled out, I did what I said I would. As we are leaving i ask my friend if he wanted to go.

She's already a couple of drinks when we walk up to her at a booth in the back. I remember seeing a look on her face, but I chalked it up to my friend being there unexpected. She motioned for me to sit next to her, then quickly proceeded to go over the evaluations. We all had a friendly conversation for a half hour before my buddy left. That's when I realized my ignorant ass realized that I was overtly being hit on. My head just about exploded. Suddenly every possible worst case scenario flooded my mind. Holy shit, I'm going to be expelled for stealing and showing the student evaluations. My grade. I'm underage drinking in a bar. What if my parents find out. My girlfriend.

I left.

Over ten years later I told the story to my wife and had the overwhelming realization that I could have banged my teacher pretty much without consequence. We were both of age, the semester was over, and my SO went on to cheat on me. She was the real reason I didn't go for it. Maybe that says something about personal character, but I'm still kicking myself over it.

TL;DR First college semester, art teacher asked me to break the rules, then meet at a bar. Brought a friend with me, freaked out after he left and realized that she wanted more

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