[Stories] What is the story of a time you cock-blocked yourself?

When I was awkward as heck I finally after years of being teased by a 'friend' aka flirty girl I decided to take her out to see a movie. She kept checking her phone the WHOLE movie and as a fan of cinema I was really put off by it. Looking back I realize that she only went to a movie for action... oops. That wasn't the big mistake though. On the way back to my place we get into this conversation about how she has never given or received head. She had been with the same guy since she was like 14 or something and (afaik) she was still with him and me being a gentleman didn't think it was going anywhere and we were just having a fun little date night. Anyways, I held in the LET ME EAT YOU ALIVE thoughts and just played it off telling her she didn't know what she was missing out on and yadda yadda. We get back to my place and we're leaning against my car and she starts dropping mad hints so I finally said idgaf and went for the kiss. We kissed for a little bit and I started laughing out of no where... She must have been put off because she immediately said she had to leave and took off... the next day I pounced on my co-worker with my pent up frustration and we are still together to this day.

*the reason I started laughing mid make out session was because prior to this I had been seeing this girl with a 9/10 body and face who was a hard working girl and super family oriented and I love a hard working girl.... but her mouth was atrocious. We tried kissing, but the lingering smell was so damn off putting she would get upset during make outs and it got me laughing when I started making out with flirty girl...

Either way it all worked out in the end. My woman is exactly like 9/10 girl, but with PERFECT teeth and no halitosis. And she isn't a shitty girlfriend flirting with other dudes and then leaving them high and dry just because they couldn't stop laughing during a make out session. :D

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