[Stories]What's a crazy story you've been wanting to tell but there's never been a thread specific enough for it?

Well let's see, I have told this story in person to everyone I know, but telling it now after the fact, I realize just how crazy it was.

So I was straight...I thought..After a long relationship with a guy ended, I went a little crazy with the dating and stuff and during that whole process, I met a person I thought was a bisexual guy. Super super cute and kinda femme. I liked it. I always thought I liked girls so a femme boy wasn't a problem for me. We start dating and on like the second date or something, he tells me he's really a she. He's transgender and wants to transition and all that.

Fine. I don't care what kind of parts you have. If I like the person, I like them. So that was cool. I started using female pronouns as instructed. Meanwhile, she still looks like a cute skinny boy.

Ok so then she tells me that she has multiple personalities. Um ok. Now also keep in mind that this person has an advanced degree and is about to start a professional career, so I did not get the "crazy" red flags that I should have. I didn't see any of this as "crazy" or as something that was negatively impacting her life. I mean who would hire a crazy person right? How would someone this wacky get through college and grad school and land a really good job?

Well...it turns out that I got sucked into all of this crazy stuff and ended up being basically the caretaker for a mentally ill person for about a year. AFTER we got married, I found out she had a very serious personality disorder and basically everything single aspect of her life was a symptom of that disorder.

But I believed her. I believed she could get better through therapy. Personality disorders have no cure. I could list all the crazy shit she did/said, but there's just so much. I guess I'll give you a few.

Constant suicide attempt/threats. I slowly moved a lot of stuff into a locked storage unit so she wouldn't off herself while I was gone or in another room: all of our medicines, razor blades, matches, alcohol, bleach. Oh the bleach had to be locked up because she mixed it with vinegar and inhaled it one day while I was at work. Luckily she did this outside so there was no permanent damage. But WTF? Matches - she burned herself. Blades - she cut herself.

She claimed that her personalities raped each other. This is just so fucking ridiculous that I can't believe I fell for it. She claimed her personalities made her do other things that she didn't really want to do. Also bullshit.

Oh man there's so much stuff I can't even remember it all. Some of her personalities were animals. Some were mythical creatures. She seriously thought she had the physical characteristics of said creatures "on the inside".

She's a drug addict. I believe she is also a narcissist and sex addict.

Damn it's weird writing about this now. Obviously we're divorced now and I've moved on. But that was the fucking craziest person I've ever encountered and now I know the warning signs.

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