[Stories] What's your best "I've messed with the wrong person" moment?

Boys Town resided on a hill away from all the dirt and mud that pervaded the main part of town. What it lacked in dirt it made up for in the scum of the earth. You see, the men that ran Boys Town weren’t your everyday kind of posse. The gangs that controlled this area had only one thing on their minds. That was increasing the pesos in their pockets by any means necessary. Whether it was whores, booze, narcotics, or even killing a man, these were not the kind of boys that my posse and I were used to dealing with. What we would settle in fists they would settle in knives. What we would settle in knives they would settle in guns. Nonetheless, they contained three out of our four essential needs and we designed ourselves to take them up on that.

As we were making our way into a whore house with no name, Aron spotted two shadowy figures up the hill. Raymond leaned over to us and in his limited wisdom said, “make sure you don’t go up there. Those boys are up to no good.” This only served to peak Aron and myself’s curiosity. Strange times indeed...living in a world where you can’t go someplace. Makes me wish that we had lived in earlier times. I’m getting off track...

Between Mexican tits, tequila, and hashima I don’t really recall the rest of that night. There was a point that Davina and I became familiar with one another. Her tongue was as soft as the skin on her neck. She was soft in other places as well but a man such as myself doesn’t kiss and tell. There was also a point where Davina became familiar with Aron and David sometime throughout the night. Raymond was left to stew around as he searched the bar with no name for his own assignation.

Being in a town like this you find yourself needing to call nature more frequently than you normally would. This could be satisfied by relieving oneself in a trough which was smaller than the kind you used to feed a horse. Each man would crowd around the trough like a starving coyote to get his turn at the ever flowing stream of liquids which ran into god knows where. Probably up to the barkeep or maybe to the horses. The horses did always smell a little sour in Ciudad.

The sun was only a few hours away from rising and rather than spend the pesos to stay the night we decided to saddle up and make our way back over the border. Boy it had sure been a fun night. I’m glad that I bought that polaroid picture that the young boy was selling for only 2 pesos. Nice young fella, I wonder if he ever bought a digital camera? Would of been a lot cheaper in the long run I suppose. Sorry I’m losing my place again...

As we clambered out of the bar with no name the two shadowy figures were much closer than they were before. Apparently they had waited for us all night. They didn’t mind the wait and knew we would make much easier prey after our time in the bar with no name. First they went after Davina. Touching her in places that made a man’s blood curdle. I swung wildly and missed. The one man put me on my butt rather quickly. Aron drew for his sidearm but suffering from his familiarity from the drink he was to slow and was pummeled by the other man. David had ran away to God knows where and it was just Raymond at this point. He was no match for the other two and before we knew it the blood was streaming from his face as well. The men grabbed our wallets and made off with Davina. She was kicking and screaming but with one move the bigger man silenced her. I had never seen something like that. Davina’s body hung lifeless, draped over the man’s shoulder like a sack of feed, her arms dangling across the man's back. We were told not to move and we did as we were told...we found out that night that we were no posse but just a couple of boys who had been taught they weren’t men. Kind of ironic--or it is a coincidence?--when you remember we were in Boys Town.

We often times wonder whatever happened to Davina that night. We told her family that she disappeared. But that was a tough tale to tell. No man wants to admit that he was bested in a fight but that night we found where we fell in pecking order of men. She eventually made her way back across the border, but a part of her, and a part of all of us, is still somewhere down there in Ciudad Acuna.

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