[Stories] What's your best "I've messed with the wrong person" moment?

A little back story. My high school was the new one in a uprising suburban neighborhood. Most of the kids were transfers from California. This school was close to a "bad" neighborhood, however, was supposed to be the new trouble free school. I grew up in a shitty neighborhood where I dealt with a lot of real gangs, drug dealers, and violence. I was always the skater kid who got along mind you but I was still exposed to thecircled, how. So the other school in our district had metal detectors and fences and all the stereotypical things. It was in a barrio and just wasn't the best. Ours was just the opposite. I never had a lot of money and ended up at this school because it was an attempt to get away from the BS neighborhoods I grew up in. Trust me, this is going somewhere. This is 2004 so the new era hats were cool. Again, I didn't have a lot of money and a $50 hat wasnt common for me. So I saved up and searched for a new era that was a limited edition braves that no one had. We weren't allowed to wear hats inside so I would just put mine on my table. I'm in art class and I go to turn in my drawing at the teachers desk. I come back and it's missing. I ask who took it and the kids at the table next to me start whispering and pass something under the table and a girl walks out with her backpack "to go to the bathroom." I tell them I'm going to get it back. They say they don't know what I'm talking about. The teacher hears us arguing and tells me to sit down. I'm at lunch about 2 hours later and it was this Mexican kid I didn't know wearing my hat. This is like the only cool thing I had and this kid now has it. I think he could have bought it off someone who did steal it or something so I'm not confrontational. I go over and tell him that it's my hat and someone had taken it. He just denies it and says he bought it that week. I know this is BS because I had to order this specially and mines missing and he all of a sudden has one. He tells me I can fight him for it. This kid is probably 30-40 pounds lighter than me. I tell him i'm not fighting for my own shit. I'm just going to take it back and he can fuck off. I grab my hat off his head and he tries to hit me as I step back. He misses and I tell him to fuck off again. I check the tag quickly as I had drawn a star on it and confirm it's mine. I just walk away and his group of about 10 friends decide I'm not getting away with my own stuff. They come at me and circle me. The initial conversation with him trying to hit me had caused someone to get the security guard. As I'm being circled, MEEP MEEP! Our 6'4 jacked security guard rolls up in the golf cart. Crisis averted.

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