[Stories] What's your best "I've messed with the wrong person" moment?

Tl;Dr if you're going to fight someone, make sure it's the right person first.

I wasn't the one who messed with the wrong person, but the wrong person who was messed with. I was meeting my best friend for lunch at the restaurant she worked at. When I got there she still had to do her check out and clock out, so I sat down in a booth to wait for her.

All the sudden I felt someone grab a huge chunk of my hair from behind and start pulling, like they were trying to pull me out of the booth by my hair. I started freaking out, because what the fuck who would do that?

Finally I'm faced with the person who is now holding a handful of my hair.. And I have no idea who she is. All I could tell is she was pissed, and for whatever reason, it was at me.

She starts screaming "you bitch!" "you slut!" "you fucked my boyfriend, you probably gave him an std you whore!" the restaurant was pretty busy, and all eyes were on me. I was so confused at this point, that all I could say was "I'm sorry but I don't know you, or your boyfriend. I have a boyfriend of my own. We've been together over a year.." she cuts me off, and tells me to stop lying and that everyone knows the truth.

Finally my friend, who had been in the managers office checking out, came running over. The anger of "random girl" turned onto my friend, she yells "why the fuck would you bring her here!? You know she fucked my boyfriend!"

At this point I'm ready to walk out, and my friend goes "oh my god Dani, that is NOT Samantha! Can you calm down and just look at her?" finally this girl calmed down long enough to actually look at me, and she quickly realized that I was not the "whore who fucked her boyfriend." She starts half laughing/half crying, and apologizing.

I was so relieved that I wasn't going to be beaten up by a random crazy girl that I start laughing. Turns out she was a waitress with my friend, and her boyfriend had cheated on her a couple nights before, and she was a bit off the handle.

I somewhat know the girl in question, and we do resemble each other. We're both tall, with olive skin and long dark hair. Somehow the random girl(Dani) wasn't fired (I seriously have no idea how) and invited us to her dorm room for a party. It ended up being a really fun night.

A few months later I was in line at the bank and I felt a guy grab my ass, then whisper in my ear "Hey sexy it's been a while. Why don't you answer any of my texts?" Turns out he thought I was the same girl too, which was weird/awkward. He felt like a dick for touching a random girls ass, and we laughed it off.

About two years later I ended up working part time at the same sports bar where the original incident happened. Dani still worked there, and I brought up the "guy in the bank," and how funny it was to be mistaken for the same person twice within a couple months. It was her boyfriend.. My doppelganger really needs to calm down.

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