[Stories] What's your best "I've messed with the wrong person" moment?

In other types of "life", - like that of chimps - being an overbearing alpha can get your brains smashed out of your head by subordinates. Even the 'leader' amongst most species knows there's a limit to the abuse they can dish out. So how 'bout saying you don't know shit about life, you fucking dimwit.

Because you're one of them.

Telling people to change their lives (which can comprise a lot of ones work community) and 'just do x/y/z" is about the most ignorant, insensitive and stupid thing there is.

That's why and how unions got started you dumb sack of shit - because assfucks like you liked to suggest that they could do whatever they fucking wanted to people in their employ and people were 'free' to work elsewhere, completely ignoring the fact that people aren't quite so 'free' when it comes to deciding to uproot themselves and sever all the social and community connections they've made from their workplace, their neighbourhoods and their region. There's a genuine cost and sacrifice to that 'simple' choice of leaving an abusive and harassing workplace, you fucking dumbass. I guess if you weren't such a douchebag, you'd have more friends at work, in your community and an investment in your community to think of. You don't and there's a reason. Because you're a child.

Its like when you run your idiot mouth and say shit like, "..then I'll do the whole 2.5 kids, white picket fence, choosing a house based on a school district or something..." without realizing all those can be jeopardized by some power hungry asshole at your workplace. And they can.

"Man up". What a fucking douchebag thing to say. Can't wait to hear you say that to any woman stupid enough to be your partner, after she's suffered some horrific shit. "Man up honey". LOL. What are you - 17?

Please - shut your pea-brain, asshole, "know-nothing-about-life" mouth.

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