Story Time - Week of July 16, 2018

So I had another date with girl #1 and... It wasn't great.

It wasn't bad either but I don't think she's quite my type for the long term. I feel bad posting why though as I don't like talking bad things about people without a pretty good reason to. Not big things though, I just don't think we "click".

Which is a bit sad because the date was nice and then we spent the night together and there was def chemistry there, though I still have a hard time reading her. I think she's just super shy - which is OK and can be cute at times. Anyway. We're talking and setting another date (and I'll see where it goes from there I guess) but since I got that vibe I was less worried about talking to other people and going on other dates.

The super hot girl I had matched with is unfortunately a bit of a let down. She's behaving quite stereotypically with being distant, short replies, never starting a conversation, etc., so I haven't asked her out and I don't see it going anywhere.

I had a first date with another match from a different town who had been texting me for a while. The date went super well. Damn she was a looker, prettier and hotter than on her pics. We chatted and laughed a lot together, then made out in my car. The only let down was she kept repeating sex that night was out of the question. I had gotten it the first time, no need to keep making "jokes" about it every half hour.

I had a good time and we made tentative plans for a second date but I'm having second thoughts instead. She turned out to be a bit clingy, sending messages asking where I am and what I'm doing all the time. I do want a serious relationship (eventually) but I don't want to feel like the big brother is watching me all the time.

So yeah. I know I sound picky saying one doesn't message enough and the other messages too much. However it's not quantity that bothered me, but content.

I've also met with an old fwb whom I have been putting a lot of effort towards keeping just the f. I really love her as a friend but I can't see us working as a long term couple. And we have already had "the talk", a looong time ago. Doesn't seem to have worked. This has been going on for 10 years I shit you not. And rather unfortunately the flesh is weak, and she's nice and hot so hard to resist every time all the time. So I ended up getting a bj and a finger up the ass (which I usually like), although her nail did do quite some damage (which I def don't like).

Lastly, today I had a date set up with a really young tourist who was visiting town. We had it scheduled since last week but today I blew it by messaging a bit too much. I was "thinking out loud" really, about where to go, and laughing at the fact that so many places were closed because it was Monday. I guess with the nice places closed she said no point in going out so instead of replying to anything I had written she said she got late to the hotel and wanted to stay in and rest. She's leaving Wed so I think there won't be any developments there.

Which is fine, I could use some rest and lone time to think life through. Because here I am, with plenty of options but in the end just a lonely middle aged guy who'd just like a gf and eventually a family to build a life with. Or at least the second half of life with. Sigh.

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